Hot-galvanized calibrated chain

Hot-galvanized calibrated chain 70 10mm x 100 m -Cod. 01.370.10-100

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Hot-galvanized calibrated chain, Grade 70 high-resistance type

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Standard Air Mail Deliveries starting from 19 Euro/USD
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FedEx Express Deliveries starting from 32 Euro/USD

Standard Air Mail Deliveries starting from 15 Euro (or with GLS starting from 27 Euro)
(The delivery in the UK is operated through Royal Mail or Parcel Force)

Express Courier GLS or Postal Parcel starting from 6.90 Euro!

Under the same mechanical resistance conditions, this chains enables the use of a lower section:
a) 8-mm OSC-G7 instead of 10-mm standard;
b) 10-mm OSC-G7 instead of 12-mm standard.
This allows for a 40/60% saving in weight or, weight being equal, a 40 to 60% longer chain.
The tangles of chain are delivered in wooden boxes or convenient packages easy to handle and stock. Each single metre of chain has an OSC-G7 distinctive mark to ensure quality.

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