ALUMINIUM Propeller with MULTI-FIT application kit

In the list below is indicated the appropriate Solas propeller for each engine. The Solas multi-fit system allows the same propeller to be used on engines of different brands. A basic propeller is used. Solas-Yamaha plus a range of kits consisting of thrust bearings and washers specific to individual engines. For example, a Solas-Yamaha multi-fit propeller can be mounted on a Mercury 150 HP (e.g. 3511-145-19). For this you need the specific kit for Mercury UME-KT.

STAINLESS STEEL Propeller with RUBEX elastic coupling set

if you scroll down you will find the appropriate Solas STAINLESS STEEL propeller for all engines. It may be necessary to use the Rubex system from Solas. With this system it is possible to use the same propeller on engines of different brands. A basic propeller is used. A special Rubex set is required for individual engines. For example on a Mercury 150 HP you can mount a Solas-Rubex propeller (e.g. 9531-140-19). For this you need the specific Rubex kit for Mercury RBX-102.

Solas Aluminium Propellers für Parsun (Stainless Steel bottom in the page)
Engine Solas Amita 3 DxP Hub Kit Solas Amita 4 DxP Hub Kit
Parsun F-2.6BML, F-4BML, F-5BML T2.5, T3.6 3011-073-05S 7.25x5 NO
3011-075-07S 7.50x7 NO
Parsun T4, T5, T5.8 5011-078-06 7.80x6 NO
5011-078-07 7.80x7 NO
5011-078-08 7.80x8 NO
5011-078-09 7.80x9 NO
Parsun T6, T8, T9, 5011-085-07 8.50x7 NO High Thrust
5011-085-08 8.50x8 NO 5013-087-05 8.70x5 NO
5011-085-09 8.50x9 NO 5013-087-07 8.70x7 NO
Parsun F-6BML, F-8BML, F-9.8BML 3011-085-07 8.50x7 NO
3011-085-08 8.50x8 NO
3011-085-09 8.50x9 NO
Parsun F-9.9FWL F-15BML 3111-093-07 9.25x7 NO 3113-093-07 9.25x7 NO
3111-093-08 9.25x8 NO 3113-093-08 9.25x8 NO
3111-093-09 9.25x9 NO 3113-093-09 9.25x9 NO
3111-093-10 9.25x10 NO 3113-093-10 9.25x10 NO
3111-093-11 9.25x11 NO 3113-093-11 9.25x11 NO
3111-093-12 9.25x12 NO
Parsun High Thrust 3113-100-05 10x5 NO
3113-100-07 10x7 NO
Parsun F-20BMS/BML F-25BMS/BML 3211-099-09 9.90x9 NO 3213-102-11 10.20x11 NO
3211-099-10 9.90x10 NO 3213-101-12 10.10x12 NO
3211-099-11 9.90x11 NO 3213-100-13 10x13 NO
3211-099-12 9.90x12 NO 3213-100-14 10x14 NO
3211-099-13 9.90x13 NO
Parsun T35, T40 3311-121-09 12.10x9 NO 3313-118-09 11.80x9 NO
3311-118-10 11.80x10 NO 3313-114-10 11.40x10 NO
3311-116-11 11.60x11 NO 3313-111-11 11.10x11 NO
3311-114-12 11.40x12 NO 3313-108-12 10.80x12 NO
3311-111-13 11.10x13 NO 3313-105-13 10.50x13 NO
3311-111-14 11.10x14 NO 3313-105-14 10.50x14 NO
3311-110-15 11x15 NO
3311-110-16 11x16 NO
3311-110-17 11x17 NO
Parsun T35, T40 3311-120-10 12x10 NO
3311-118-11 11.80x11 NO
3311-116-12 11.60x12 NO
3311-116-13 11.60x13 NO
3311-116-14 11.60x14 NO
3311-114-15 11.40x15 NO
3311-114-16 11.40x16 NO
Parsun T75, T85, T90 3411-140-11 14x11 NO 3413-133-13 13.25x13 NO
3411-138-13 13.75x13 NO 3413-130-15 13x15 NO
3411-135-14 13.50x14 NO 3413-128-17 12.80x17 NO
3411-135-15 13.50x15 NO 3413-125-19 12.50x19 NO
3411-135-16 13.50x16 NO 3413-125-21 12.50x21 NO
3411-133-17 13.25x17 NO
3411-133-18 13.25x18 NO
3411-130-19 13x19 NO
3411-130-21 13x21 NO


Solas Stainless Steel Propellers für Parsun
Engine Solas Stainless Steel 3 Blades DxP Hub Kit Solas Stainless Steel 4 Blades DxP Hub Kit
Parsun F-9.9FWL F-15BML 3121-093-07 9-1/4x7 NO
3121-093-08 9-1/4x8 NO
3121-093-09 9-1/4x9 NO
3121-093-10 9-1/4x10 NO
3121-093-11 9-1/4x11 NO
Parsun F-20BMS/BML F-25BMS/BML 3221-100-09 10x9 NO 3233-100-09 10x9 NO
3231-108-10 10-3/4x10 NO 3233-100-10 10x10 NO
3231-105-11 10-1/2x11 NO
3231-103-12 10-1/4x12 NO
3231-101-13 10-1/8x13 NO
Parsun T35, T40 3331-120-08 12x8 NO 9333-115-12 11-1/2x12 RBX117
3331-120-09 12x9 NO 9333-115-13 11-1/2x13 RBX117
3331-119-10 11-7/8x10 NO 9333-115-14 11-1/2x14 RBX117
3331-116-11 11-5/8x11 NO
3331-114-12 11-3/8x12 NO
3331-111-13 11-1/8x13 NO
3331-111-14 11-1/8x14 NO
3331-110-15 11x15 NO
3321-108-16 10-3/4x16 NO
3321-110-17 11x17 NO
Parsun T75, T85, T90 9431-138-13 13-3/4x13 RBX-208 9453-135-13 13-1/2x13 RBX-208
9431-135-15 13-1/2x15 RBX-208 9453-133-15 13-1/4x15 RBX-208
9431-133-17 13-1/4x17 RBX-208 9453-130-17 13x17 RBX-208
9431-130-19 13x19 RBX-208 9453-130-19 14x19 RBX-208
9431-130-21 13x21 RBX-208 9453-130-21 15x21 RBX-208

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